An Exciting Summer and What’s Next

14th September 2012


Hello to all you folks that may be reading this post!

After the summer I’ve had I figured I should do a bit of an update! I’ll try not to get too caught up in details though and keep this short and sweet!

I attended San Diego comic con again with my comic buddy Andrew Tunney and our friend Andrew Wong.

Highlights of the trip include-

Seeing Cody DeMattis and Liz Mack again (love you guys)
Meeting up with comics bros/wrestling scary men Scott Lost and Chris Terry
Having drinks with Becky Cloonan and Andy Andy Belanger
Seeing Aluisio Cervelle Santos and Sheldon Vella again
Finally getting to meet Justin King and Nina Boyce (a super cute couple)
Meeting Evan Dahm (a comics hero of mine)
Seeing all the awesome SLG guys again
And partying to Dethklok on a battleship


After the madness that was SDCC me and Tunney shared a table at the MCM expo in Manchester and I must say it was a lot of fun, we both made a lot of sales and met some really nice people, I shall definitely be going again!


Me and the Andys

So what now you ask?


Well issue two of Peabody and D’Gorath has been completed and is currently being checked over by SLG so fingers crossed it will be out soon and I must say it looks real good, Tunney excelled with his colours in this issue and it was real fun to draw.

Since I have so many people asking me for physical comics at cons (and my series being digital distribution only) I figured I’d do a con exclusive comic starring D’Gorath that I will hopefully be selling at Thoughtbubble this November.

Since I’m in a particularly good mood here’s a 4 page preview for you!



Mark Penman is a UK based freelance illustrator and comic book artist. Works include self published comics, anthology contributions, tutoring, workshops, and commissioned illustrations for publication.

Mark’s current project is the comic series Peabody & D’Gorath produced by SLG comics.