The Doctrine of the Great Eater

27th April 2012

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Curious, that you all resist the Eater.

Read our Doctrine and understand the joy in the Great Feast.
Each course is there to better our world and ensure only the worthy survive.

I’ve had way too much fun with the cult of the Great Eater, there’s something fun about designing doomsday cults.

This is a poster for the upcoming con season. This and a few others will be available from me at Bristol expo next month.
Depending on how they go down I reckon Ill take some to San Diego with me if I end up being on the SLG booth.


The first issue of Peabody and D’Gorath can be downloaded here for FREE!


Mark Penman is a UK based freelance illustrator and comic book artist. Works include self published comics, anthology contributions, tutoring, workshops, and commissioned illustrations for publication.

Mark’s current project is the comic series Peabody & D’Gorath produced by SLG comics.